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2020 was expected to be just another year,
A year which would have ups and downs.
No one expected it to be a cause for so many tears,
No one expected it to cause so many breakdowns.

The forest fires were thought to be a setback,
But the real blow came from corona.
An enemy against whom we couldn’t fight back,
It manifested itself into a gruesome persona.

Friends, family all had to bid goodbye,
“Hope you’ll be safe” said the teary eye.
No regular routine, no party, no work, no class,
Dreams, hope, future all shattered like glass.

Doctors and nurses are putting their lives at risk,
Making huge sacrifices for other's bliss.
Daily wage workers are victims of awful times,
We can only hope that prayers put an end to this crisis.

Will things ever be the same?
Will we ever get rid of this pain?
Will things ever be normal again?
Will it ever end? -this dangerous game.

The entire world is in lockdown,
People have to be advised to calm down.
There is misery everywhere,
All we can do is show compassion and care.

While it has been a horror for mankind,
It’s been a boon for the earth.
It has got a chance to be refined,
To have a chance at rebirth.

The other species have now a fair chance,
To reclaim their part of the planet.
Wild animals have been sighted in Spain and France,
Their freedom no more locked in a closet.

Districts are now divided in three zones,
Residents hope they are in the green.
This pandemic is going to be a historical milestone,
As it is invincible and future remains unseen.

Earlier there was no place to walk on roads,
Reservations had to be made to dine.
Vehicles covered every inch of crossroads,
Devotees flocked to devotional shrines.

Colleges and schools are now empty,
Malls have a forlorn look.
Theatres used to be full and plenty,
It has changed everyone’s outlook.

Previously medical staff were considered divine,
Respect for them has soared during quarantine.
They risk their lives as heroes,
Trying to make sure the cases come down to zero.

Although the economy has taken a direct hit,
Wishes and dreams too have to be put on hold.
Now’s the time to know the inner self,
And stay off the jungle of concrete.

It is a wondrous opportunity,
Being home bound leads to self-introspection.
Skills can be learnt to enhance personality,
Or have a long-due family conversation.

It is rumored that the earth needs a break,
Every 100 years a pandemic arises.
Earlier there was a plague outbreak,
This is no less of a crisis.

Hope we can get through this together,
Hope things will quickly become regular.
We can overcome this with hope and determination,
We can become an inspiration.

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