Kiran Ahluwalia

He’s is a mesmerizing author who’s forayed into the world of writing with My Quintessential Beauty.

A regular Guest Blogger on various acclaimed sites – even the Times of India has been graced with his wisdom. His forte, in every sphere of literature hits the bullseye, all while charmingly disarming his opponents.

This masterpiece which has skillfully married soft romance and hard-core action is a result of his limerence with a certain someone

Read the book to find out, who it is!

While he himself has lisztomania, is an absolute lover of cats, and can talk about anything under the sun. Except himself, sigh. Broody much?

An esteemed second-generation member of the prestigious Secunderabad Club while also being an Apple connoisseur. His boy toys are as dear to him as his audience.

Photo by Junior Teixeira from Pexels

Being a Scorpio – his character and he may exchange places, and you’d be none the wiser. Beware! Scorpio’s sting but not before they ensnare you with their sphallolalia.

If you’re lucky enough you might score a date !

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