Even with the pandemic looming over us, we have yet another despicable act being brought to light. The “Bois Locker Room Case” which came to light recently has taken netizens by the storm.

A group of schoolboys engaging in such heinous activities truly makes us question society itself. Where we claim to be in a progressive state of affairs, we still have a long way to go before some actual fundamental changes take place.

Instead of teaching girls how to be ladylike, by constantly drilling into their psyche societal etiquette on how they should behave, talk, dress, sit, basically live. Its time to enlighten and edify the boys.

Guiding them to respect women, to treat them as equals, to view that as people rather than objects to conquer, disgrace, or force. It is need of the hour to counsel the young and impressionable minds.

Often, children are pushed towards gender roles at an early stage, an example would be a cooking set for girls while an action figure for boys. This indicates that the roles assigned to them are who they are. The sooner families take an initiative to treat children equally without any bias, a new and better world would emerge.

Peer pressure also leads to condemnable behavior. In order to gain popularity, followers, and have a higher standard in front of acquaintances it is common to resort to such activities.

In order to fit in, the latest trend is sharing objectionable photos, sharing private photos and videos, morphing and sharing lewd pictures, treating relationships as notches on a belt, cyberbullying, and so on.

Minors fail to comprehend the catastrophic effect their unprincipled behavior causes in the lives of the victim, often destroying their self-esteem and driving them to the ultimate step of suicide. With the victim, an entire family also is shattered leaving them to wonder how quickly and for nothing, their family was torn away from them.

A peer group is an essential and integral part of life, but even if one friend indulges in culpable and criminal activities, the entire group is lured into thinking how personal gratification comes before regard for someone else.

Strict legal action is being taken against the boys involved in this case, and in the future too, minors or adults found guilty should not be let off the hook easily. Adolescents of today are the future of tomorrow, if their actions are not condemned, they would be a threat later at workplaces, families or basically, it would refer to as leaving a monster free on the streets.

Such cases can only be reduced, if a stand is taken, if parents instill moral values in children, if positive peer groups exist, if victims open up and share their pain, if society changes its preconceived notions, if we don’t look the other way when wrongdoings happen, if we together stand as a whole against crime, if people are more tolerant and less judgmental – if we change ourselves, we will change the world.

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