People say that in the future, we would be seeing a lot of robots. In offices, super-markets and in various other places. But I think that we don’t need to wait for the future as today people are nothing but robots.

                     From waking up in the morning to going to bed at night, we follow the same schedule day in and day out. Hurry out of the house, bustling with an office or school bag. Run all the red lights, arriving breathlessly and start absorbing all the tension.

                     Is this what the most intelligent species has been reduced to? Life is not to be just lived or to be taken as a chore. It is to be enjoyed and cherished from the core. Many times we see people who are young in age but old at heart. They become bored of their lifestyle and hectic schedule. This leads to mid-life crisis.

                      It is a crisis where we lose interest in life at a very early stage, like thirties or forties. Many people beat this syndrome by taking a sabbatical from work or household responsibilities to find their inner soul.

                        They reunite with old friends, go on solo-vacations, try out new hobbies, learn a new language or just meditate. All these activities calm them down and slowly detox their mind.

                      Everyone should once in a while try something different and break the monotony, before depression or melancholy breaks them down. Even some of the movies propagate this fact.

                      In the advertisements we can see how an old couple travels to places and have fun while throwing caution to the wind.

                      People who are confined to four walls live in a cocoon. They cannot brighten their lives nor can they widen their horizon. Some things need to be felt. The excitement of watching a match, live in a stadium is exhilarating! Picking up strawberries is no easy task but the experience is definitely worth it. Going deep sea-diving or Paragliding makes us realize how precious life is.

                       Many times we read about children getting into bad company or not sharing their problems with parents. This happens because Parents do not have time. We want to spend time with our family but cannot due to time constraints. We have to make do with the occasional greetings as if they are distant relatives rather than someone who we live with.

                  Everything is instant in modern times. From fast food to instant coffee/noodles or even instant breakfast. Goods are manufactured at top speed. Travelling between States can be done in less than two hours. If we notice, we don’t have to wait for anything, not even to remember birthdays or phone number. All the things are provided to us on a platter.

                       There is so much to do and no time at all. Many times sleep has to be foregone due to deadlines. It’s like being a Hamster on a wheel, running but reaching nowhere. After completing one task we move to the next one. It’s time we lived our life, took time out to live each moment before the bulb fuses forever and we are left in darkness.

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