T – Time Swirled and fell, as did I

R – Running wasn’t an option and I uttered a lonely sigh

A – Aspirations, dreams, hopes were crushed

P – Passed had my happiness along with my soul, while my voice has been hushed

P – Pale memories come to mind of a time long gone

E – Empty am I, trapped am I, broken am I, too tired to try

D – Dire consequences and choices have brought me here to cry

B – Bury my body, as my soul has been killed

Y – You have had my voice and screams concealed.

S – Society has trapped me, bounded me by rules

O – Of freedom I dream, but the shattered pieces pierce my heart

C – Chained at every step and monitored my every schedule

I – I demand my freedom, because its my basic human right

E – Eternity will be spent in fighting this tyrannic authority with all my might

T – Time will rise, and so will I

Y – You can’t keep me trapped, cause one day I will fly high

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