AI is rumoured to take over the world someday, but the modern-day and age has already converted a majority of humans into robots. With the demand of hyperactivity, an insane amount of stress, a lifestyle bustling with work – even an actual robot would be tired, what can be said of us.

When the lockdown first commenced it provided a welcome relief from the industrious hustle and bustle of daily schedules. For people from distinct professions and walks of life, for students trapped in the monotonous weekly timetable.

No one had anticipated that the situation would take such a drastic turn for the worst, and cease to end. Anxiety for the future set in as now everything was on tentative hooks.

People considered it as a well-earned vacation, lazed around, slept till late, did minimal cleaning – all with intention of getting back their life soon. But when the lockdown kept getting extended in lieu of the situation worsening, it provided a major threat to life as we know it.

Household work had now had to be done without any help, students and office goers now suffered due to a higher work-load. Employees were retrenched, shares of prestigious companies fell, even essentialities seemed difficult to gather, people were trapped in foreign countries unable to traverse back to their families.

Extroverts had a tough time adjusting to the introvert style of living. Their going out and being the light of the party was curtailed. They had to be content with conversing virtually.

Digital overdose took its toll on the physical structure and eyesight. The lockdown seemed more like an imposed confinement rather than a security measure. Celebrations became a matter of wishing rather than celebrating.

A new sense of helplessness along with loneliness has set in, especially harbouring itself into the minds of the elderly. Daily wage workers are in a constant state of turmoil, while citizens panic over whether we will ever be completely free.

Although, people have tried to get in touch with their inner sanctum by reclaiming the part of their life that had been lost in making a living, or a busy schedule.

Learning a new language or instrument, inventing new recipes, getting that healthy sculpted body, cleaning decades of dust, and going through forgotten memories, spending time with family as opposed to earlier just living with them. The quarantine has also caused people to reflect on their actions and habits. How changing them would revert the damage done to the environmental ecosystem. People also had the opportunity to view the animals and birds make a come back to their habitats, enslaved by humans.

Psychologically, people have become more stressed with the circulation of fake news, and the restrictions imposed on them. But the pandemic has also caused them to take a breather from the chaotic activities.

Ups and downs are an integral part of life, as going through one indicates a heavy emphasis on the other. The lockdown however dark will end, bringing forth light again.

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