In the world of today, human beings are classified and put into specific slots on a number of bases. But it all boils down to one basic difference which is how an individual reacts to a certain circumstance? How they make decisions pertaining to the future?

Charles Dickens’s quote “There is a wisdom of the head, and there is a wisdom of the heart“ from his book Hard Times ,explores this variation. The quote aims to delve into the result obtained by choosing a voice, the voice of the head or the heart.

Choosing a career based on passion, would be a decision taken by the heart. The emotional side does not take into account, future returns or what society may say. Such people are bold and uninhibited. Their zest for life is visible in their spontaneous attitude and way of living.

Evaluating their choices, weighing the pros and cons along with sensibly arriving at a conclusion are the attributes of a practical being. Their choices are not made arbitrarily but are backed by a planned strategy. They “check-mate” their opponent, both on the chess board and in reality, as they can envision the moves on the board.

But over-zealousness does not always fare well. Being dominated by hot blood is not always the best option. Emotional people are normally affected deeply due to their sensitive nature. They seldom think their actions through, which results in their being enveloped by regret.

While on the other side of the scale, alternatively the practical beings fail in the art of living. They are too busy planning their future methodically, that they miss out on life’s precious moments. They are so engrossed in reaching the end as well as emerging victorious that they are unable to enjoy and learn from the journey.

Psychologists refer to this comparison as IQ [Intelligent Quotient] and EQ [Emotional Quotient]. IQ was earlier given more importance and considered superior, but later it was observed that EQ had a wider scope, hence being equally necessary. A person with high IQ can take any Business Organization to the heights of financial success but a person with high EQ will simultaneously take society also to the parallel heights , due to their command over self awareness, communication and social skills.

For instance, a camping trip is being planned with the weight of approaching exams looming over it. We can consider two case studies. A being practical cites the excuse of exams, therefore avoids the trip. According to B exams are a regular event but a trip is not. Hence, B readily agrees to go.                                                                                                                           

In this scenario both ways of tackling the situation fail, as both A and B miss out on two very significant proceedings. The correct approach would have been to analytically study in advance, leaving ample time to enjoy the trip. Basically, acquiring the best of both words.

In the same way, True wisdom can only be attained through experiencing life in its fullest form. Wisdom of the head, as well as that of the heart, is the most sought after rarities in today’s unique, chaotic and mystifying world. Just as in the human body, life is not possible without either. Wisdom is the ultimate possession and either of these two types is completely relevant to make the possessor extremely contented. Likewise, the profound mixture of both, our intellectual and creative side, is the key to not just material success but also holistic perfection.

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