History has depicted during the annuls of time that Mankind and Nature have always had a tumultuous and destructive relationship.

We, the so-called superior and intelligent race, have through the test of time effectively destroyed the very essence of what we should be preserving.
Ironic when you consider how utterly dependent we are on the very resources that nature has graciously offered us but we in our wisdom chose not to accept.

Systematic and wanton destruction of natural resources, the flora and the fauna and natural habitats of endangered species has led us into a false and erroneous sense of well being.

Nature reacts with vengeance, every time we have the audacity to insult her glorious magnanimity and we end up with immeasurable losses of valuable lives and what we had taken decades to construct.
It is a relatively profound and deep relationship based on a fair and judicious exchange of mutually beneficial ideas and contributions.
However, we, as usual, have failed miserably to keep our end of the bargain and hence are always on the receiving end.

Why is it so difficult to co-exist with a benevolent and demanding partner?
The famous line “hell hath no fury than a woman scorned” comes to mind as it has substantial standing even in this day and age.

Global warming and it’s resulting consequences should make us ponder deeply on how this may have a cascading impact on our very existence.
Large chunks of Polar ice caps simply melting at a very alarming rate, Amazon rain forest burning at a pace that is unimaginable and unrealistic, the trend of uncontrollable fires in Australia and the United States, Tsunamis of utter destruction and despair, uncontrollable floods in Europe and England and one could go on, suffice to say unless we act now, we will never be able to recoup and recover from whatever nature throws at us.

The world is a stage where each and every inhabitant is the main protagonist and has to play their role to perfection right now. There will be no second chances and you cannot just casually proclaim that the powerful nations have the wherewithal and the resources to remedy this imminent disaster.
That is being naive, totally immature and is frankly unacceptable.

We are inherently foolish and incapable of appreciating the beauty that lies before us and to make matters worse, we tend to take things for granted.
In our quest to achieve and the desire to succeed, we commercially exploit the panoramic and breathtaking landscapes by continuously denuding the forest and craving out concrete jungles of inhabitable and polluted structures.
This has resulted in a plethora of unmitigated and uncontrollable series of disasters that may result in all of us paying a very heavy price for our very own existence.

A glance at a satellite image of the Earth would put things in perspective.
Look at the levels of pollution and the emission of carbon gases that are presently being released into our atmosphere and the human race is
practically inhaling poisonous fumes that will ultimately have a devastating impact on future generations.

The time has come for the world to collectively make it mandatory to reduce carbon footprints immediately and take positive steps to ensure that no country is excluded from this colossal step.
There is absolutely no point in signing an international treaty and casually not adhering to it without determination and dedication.

A united and sustained effort to construct an environment for the forthcoming generations is the need of the hour and all of us have to contribute.

Let us take a pledge today and ensure that we stringently adhere to it by laying down basic guidelines that should be inculcated to all citizens of the world.
In order to bring about a qualitative and measurable change we need to start at the grass-root level and in turn reach out to every child and commence his/her basic education on the role of preservation, constructive growth, plantation drives, cleanliness of our surroundings and the importance of water conservation and sanitation,
To completely eradicate the felling of trees and denuding any forest area, to ensure that rural and urban areas are realistically planned and connected and a complete revamp of haphazard and unrealistic planning of cities and their expansion.

The decongestion of roads and highways to ensure the smooth flow of traffic as idling engines in traffic snarls are also part of the problem.
Evolve definitive ways to introduce nonpolluting vehicles and commence the total ban of old vehicles of any size so that our capital cities are not classified as the most polluted.

A time to act is the need of the hour and demands the attention of all the inhabitants living in harmony with nature.
We have already witnessed the consequences of going against the most powerful force on earth.
Together we can adjust and coexist because nature is quiet and resourceful and powerful and we certainly are not and neither are we adequately equipped and prepared to face the wrath of destruction that will certainly result if we continue living in a Utopian world.

We must resolutely question the very concept of development if it leaves behind a trail of destruction and devastation.
To make things right and as they should be, it always comforting to have an ally that can provide the essentials of living a good life.
This is quite frankly and undoubtedly the only way forward towards a sustainable and inhabitable world.

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