The life story of a Great King,
Or the mystery of a missing Ring.
The poem about the naming of Cats,
Or secrets of an era when people wore Hats.
The battles fought on our holy Land,
Or the spells cast when waving a Wand.
The tragic life of Anne Frank,
Or what the fishes feel trapped in a Tank.
TV, Mobiles, Laptops could never Compete,
For books give the feeling of being Complete.
Werewolves, Ghosts and Ghouls have been written about timelessly,
and the readers read about them tirelessly.
They are a part of our Soul,
Whether white as a pearl or dark as Coal.
Reading, snuggled up with hot Chocolate,
Always results in staying up Late.
Being addicted to them is more of a Solution,
As they teach us about life and it’s Resolution.
Turning the pages is more of a necessity than an Option,
As we learn how to live through different stages and tackle any Situation.
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