“Without friends no one would choose to live, though he had other goods“.

This statement by Aristotle correctly embodies the reason for the mass popularity attained by social networking sites in today’s age.

          The urban definition for social networking sites, refers to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, blogs and online diaries. Most of us are if not on all, then at least on some of these. In the present modern age, to not know about these sites, would be possible only on a marooned island, totally cut off from mankind.

           People have a tendency to crave for acceptance and attention. Social media satisfies this hunger of theirs. Like minded individuals join groups, whether for stitching, humor, politics, cooking, sports and so on. Posting photos and videos, to show off their recent luxury purchases, exotic trips or even talents are a common feature.

          Many a times, living in the real world is abandoned for the screen. A post of a rainbow against the backdrop of rainfall earns a like, but the real rainbow goes unnoticed.  “Help someone”, “Make someone smile today”, “Save the Earth”, all these slogans are given the iconic thumbs up, but these slogans are not actually adhered to !

          In these situations would it be accurate to completely and conveniently blame social media? Or would it be arduous but right to hold a mirror and observe that the blame lies within us. Those posts are there to motivate us but we live in the absence of responsibility. The world is however, not devoid of those who choose to act and be the change they want to see.

           Social media has been quite impactful on many levels. There are forums for professional practitioners of law, medicine and chartered accountancy. Architects and artists come together to form masterpieces while genius minds have discussions to quest their thirst for knowledge. Singers like Atif Aslam and Taylor Swift are heard in Varanasi and Vancouver. Our taste buds can enjoy the tastiest cuisines of the world, in the comfort of our kitchen. While the tech savvy can enhance their skills and become experts, free of cost, the not so tech savvy can learn the basics in easy steps.

            Just as everything in this world has its negative impact, so do social networking sites. The number of likes, followers, streaks and reposts are now of great consequence. It has become imperative to check each new update even at the expense of sleep, a commodity much needed by our body. The eyes are also not spared the horror of staring at a screen for long hours and dim lights.

          In conclusion, social media is one of the boons, whether its learning strenuous subjects through 3D presentation or a platform for avid readers to read translations of international bestsellers. The negative impact can be greatly reduced by warning adolescents about the dangers of addiction. In a nutshell, it is no longer reduced to just sites but has become a way of life.

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