My life changed forever the day I saw who was sitting inside our new car, It was a ghost, Katy’s ghost! She was here to take revenge and there was nothing I could do.

That Sunday was really special to me as both my parents, Molly and Harris were at home. They were normally quite busy and seldom had time to sit down and relax. I was scanning the newspaper for any fun thing we could do, when my eyes spotted the advertisement.

It was an advertisement for a midnight blue sedan. The specifications of the car were mentioned, with the address of the seller. But my eyes popped out when I read the last sentence, “Price whatever the Buyer quotes.”

We were thinking of buying a car but the idea had been vetoed by my mother due to shortage of funds. I showed my father the statement and though he appeared reluctant, I knew he was interested too.

We set out soon after breakfast towards Mr. Hampton’s home. He had a beautiful house but the car was breathtaking! After my father had driven the car and checked the working of its other parts. He took me aside to converse privately.

Both of us were clueless as to why Mr. Hampton would sell this gem at a dirt-cheap price. So we asked him the reason, in response his face lost its smile and in a grave voice , informed us that his daughter Katy had died in the car and still haunts it.

We obviously didn’t believe his awkward ghost story but felt that we should buy the car. And now I understand that hasty decisions are the worst just like ours has become, a curse.

When we first drove the car home, even my mother who is not a car-fanatic liked it. But slowly weird things started happening. Once when me and Jake (my dog) were inside, the doors shut themselves and refused to open. When I thought that we would surely die of suffocation, at the last moment the doors opened and we crawled out, totally pale and breathless.

We had taken some photos of the car and though while clicking them no one was there, when we got them developed a faint outline of a girl could be seen. Sometimes when I would look out of my windows the car’s internal light would be on. It felt as if it were calling me towards itself.

I had told my parents all this a number of times but they just refused to believe me. When I showed my mother the photos, she grew deathly pale. I asked her if she could see the girl sitting in the car but she just stood like a statue.

But today I have decided to face my fears. I will sit in the car and talk to Katy. I walked towards the car, opened the door and sat, waiting for her to strike.

“Oh Harris what will we do? Didn’t you see how he walked towards his bed, opened an imaginary door and is now sitting there.”

“Molly stop crying, we’ll take him to the hospital and he will be all right. Just like last time.”

“Yeah, last time when he would drag an empty leash around the house and feed bits from his plate to the air. Didn’t you see the photos he took? There was only an empty street in them.”

“He will get better, we are taking him to the psychiatrist, right? He will be fine. Just because he is diagnosed with Schizophrenia, it doesn’t mean he can’t get better.”

“But …..this is getting out of hand , first imagining a dog, then a car , and now this !”

“He will get better, Molly. He has to !”

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