A lot of myths about mental health have been circling, its time that the facts get their due too.

Mental health has suffered from time immemorial by being referred to as a taboo topic. Only recently it has evolved as mental health awareness has spread.

Although there is still a lot of sanism and stigma surrounding psychological disorders, at least the extreme steps taken to shun mental health patients have been abandoned.

“Depression is not a real thing”, “Mental health patients are crazy, mad”, “They are violent and unpredictable”, “Seeking help for mental illness will lead to being ostracized”, “Children don’t experience mental health problems.”

Such myths have to be eradicated from the mindset of society as well as an individual’s way of thinking. If people are rightly informed of what depression is and how it can be prevented or how a person can be helped to get out of it. They have to be taught that saying things such as “get out of it”, “you don’t have real problems” etc are insensitive statements.

People suffering from Bipolar Disorders are considered moody or violent, these are myth which prevent them from holding on to jobs or relationships. 

Bad or fake news always spreads like wild fire but what we can do is help in spreading the facts or awareness, these could help in people not being treated as freaks. It has to be popularized that not being ok, is ok too. Not being able to always be strong, is ok too. It is ok to suffer from mental health disorders, and it is ok to get help or treatment.

Many mental issues are capable of being solved through with therapy, medications and support. There are some mental disorders whose effects can only be reduced. But either way, these psychological issues are no reason for a person to be illtreated or subjected to ridicule. Myths are harmful to the patients, sometimes even more than the illness itself. 

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