The health of the mind is as and in some cases even more important than the body. This is because a health issue of the body, may just provide a hindrance to the individual but a mental health issue proves to be a danger to the person themselves as well as their family and even society.

A psychological disease can be genetic or environmental. It can stem from a minor or serious childhood incident and claw its way into an individual’s adult life, refusing to budge and offer respite.

Even common emotions such as anger and shyness, though exhibited by everyone at some point, if it consumes the person or inhibits them from interacting with people or going through their daily schedules, it poses a serious threat to normal living.

Being worried or tense is a normal part and parcel of life, but some people are doomed to feel anxious about nearly each and everything. This takes a toll on them mentally. Thus, leaving them constantly tired physically.

The human body is also geared for a flight or fight response due to adrenaline, but excessive panic attacks cause the body to collapse as it is unable to take the strain of incessantly being in a state of fear.

Loneliness has different connotations. One would be actually not having family and friends around to share experiences with or to talk to. While another might represent the feeling of being surrounded by everyone but still not having anyone to listen to what the heart wants to say. To some, even the prospect of ever being left alone is a nightmare.

Keeping everything in its place, in a particular order, color-coordinated or arranged alphabetically. OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder comes with its own rules on living or rather cleaning and arranging. Not being able to step into a dirty room, or fidgeting when a pencil is not in line with others if books are not kept as they were taken out, if the window is not cleaned up – all these provide panic attacks to patients depending on the severity of their condition.

Sometimes one incident settles inside the brain like a mental block. It leads to severe skin allergies or other physical symptoms but often can be cured by counseling as the entire problem is blown out of proportion in the mind itself.

Food and sleep issues also are quite common in this stressful lifestyle as often work, leisure or commitments are placed on a higher pedestal than essential daily ablutions.

Soldiers and victims of abuse suffer from PTSD ie. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The entire series of events is replayed at the expense of sleep and peace of mind, not letting the individual come out of the trauma and moving on with their lives. They are haunted by the demons of their past.

Other mental disorders such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorders make the patient quite dangerous to other people as they do not have control over their actions anymore.

Thus, mental disorders however insignificant they seem must be shown to a professional to save the mental health of the victim, before its too late.

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