Entering into the first phase of adulthood, coming to terms with the responsibilities and rights they now have access to, provides a very confusing existence.

The 18 – 22 phase has its fair share of tumultuous ups and downs. The peak of energy and youth, the aspiration to change the world, the determination to take a worthy stand, the first taste of individuality – are the prerequisites of this age.

But there a few hiccups too – the adjustment to major life changes, finding the balance between spending and saving, dealing with situations as a hot-head, standing out among the myriad of similar degrees, living life as an adult.

As young adults are still going through cognitive development, they are prone to the advent of mental illnesses. They are driven by activities that seem rewarding and they stop at nothing for this quest of gratification. This is the reason for over-emotionality, peer-dependency, a carefree attitude, etc.

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Experiences play an eminent role in shaping future development. This is the ripe age for novel and interactive experiences that have an equivocal effect on the individual. Thus laying the path of how they would react to a situation in the ensuing future.

Societal pressure in various ways adds a tremendous burden on young adults to measure and prove their success according to preconceived notions. This manifests in anxiety or mood disorders.

The race to complete academic and work-load tasks most often cause young adults to forego crucial activities such as sleep, nutrition, and physical exercise. The body lacks the vital nutrients, is not allowed to rest, and remains in a constant state of inertia. This automatically putting psychological health into jeopardy.

At this age, everything seems attainable but in order to do so mental health has to be taken good care of too. Being an adult is definitely a responsibility, but with care, it can be a normal phase, rather than the onset of a vicious disorder.

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