When life gets boring and dreary,
It’s important to try something new yearly.
A mound of clay becomes a pot,
While a crawling toddler tries to walk .
After a thunderstorm out comes the sun,
As fashion has shifted from plaits to bun.
Idli, paranthas and poha were restricted to certain regions,
But now are relished by people from every religion.
Always studying and memorizing lead to dull existence,
While taking a break, going out and meditation can be of assistance.
The most fertile soil takes years to form,
Change refers to things that don’t kill us but makes strong.
Bright hues and bold strokes transform,

The white canvas waiting to undergo reform.

The blue jay can align its plumage,

While a tree gradually matures after an age.

There was a time, when only the rich

Had cars and everyone had horses .

Now, everyone has a car ,

But only the rich breed horses.

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