Missing You, My Alma Mater — Steemit
In times thick and thin, 
In memories happy and sad.
Despite differences sin origin,
We played together as one and we were glad.
This school’s been a witness,
Of every moment we have experienced.
It’s treated us with kindness,
Making sure our lives are well balanced.
It’s been 14 years here,
But it feels like yesterday.
When we walked through that gate,
Ready for everything that came our way. 
The classrooms have seen many of our visages,
Fear while passing secret messages.
Crying out due to desperation, 
Or bouncing due to exhilaration. 
The fledging has to leave its nest,
In order for it to sour. 
Well-wishers will make sure it stays blessed,
As the future should have its best interest in store.
We have learnt so much here,
Not just about battles, rivers or sphere.
Not just how to march, debate or perform,
But also how to behave and be calm.
This journey has been truly amazing,
As this not the end but just the beginning.
This is an unavoidable but teary farewell,
As we are Annites and that is why we excel.
We hope you will keep us in your memory, 
As we will remember you in every victory.
We know you will miss us too, 
Please keep us in your prayers for times old and new.

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