Dear Teachers,

You mean the world to us as in order to shape our future you have assumed every possible role. From mentors to advisors, from strict disciplinarians to guardians and last of all, the role of a parent!

We know that a single day is not enough to express our heartfelt gratitude, but it is a worthy occasion to highlight all the hard work and efforts you put in, in order to brighten up our future. Because we know that, to become a diamond, a setting of Gold is needed. And you dear teachers are true Gold.

Teachers, we love you
Especially your teachings, we really do.
For teachers that are extremely special,
As everything you do is exceptional.
This poem's a token of our appreciation ,
It expresses are admiration.
You will always remain in our remembrance,
As the source of our confidence.
Heights of the world you tell us to reach,
Encouraging us with your enigmatic speech.
Rearing us to be responsible adults,
Surely you are the star behind our results.
As it is customary,
Celebrating you will be revolutionary.

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