Roman tried to make his body adhere to his commands now that he had regained consciousness. But he could not. When he finally managed to open his eyes, he saw his mother smiling down on him. Was he in heaven?

“How are you, big brother?” asked his sister Juliana through a teary smile. Then it dawned on him that his sister had aged due to which she resembled his mother. “It’s 3004. It’s been so many years since you were in coma.”

“What on Earth!?” “Technically it’s Mars”, giggled Juliana “Mars! How is that possible?”

“Yes, Mars is the new Earth! I know it seems like a joke but technology has advanced every sphere to the highest degree. Now we have gadgets that can read minds, change the clothes we are wearing just by thought and much more. Humans, Robots and Aliens live in harmony now.”

“Wait, robots I can understand but Aliens too!”

”Yes, when we started exploring galaxies we came across Aliens of every dimension. They were quite open to trying out new arenas. I guess, all those nights, shivering with fright after watching Alien movies was a waste. But wait, I forgot to mention something that will give you a jolt.”

”I am all ears. “

”Science had earlier just increased our lifespan and enhanced our way of life but now it has defeated death itself. This has been possible through STACO. It was invented by Sapphire Kovac who was a scientist.”

“What’s that and why did you say “was”, people can’t die remember.“

”Stop interrupting Roman. STACO refers to stack coding and I said “was” because Sapphire Kovac is now a galaxy traveler. It was her aspiration to discover galaxies in a lifetime. So she invented and programmed STACO. Now, everyone has a stack implanted in their spinal cord. If they die through natural or artificial means, their stack can be introduced in another life form. When they get better they can upgrade to a body of their choosing.”

“Wow, that’s fantastic.”

”But Roman there’s bad news too, I had to sell your penthouse, your Lamborghini, all are earthly remains.”

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”But why?”

”Because the oxygen, water, trees, wildlife, every natural commodity perished. Only the have-nots of every country still live on the Earth, as they have no choice. The Earth is covered by carbon fumes. Their life now consists only of ruins, just ruins.

“Then how did we manage?”

”I hate to sound heartless but if it were not for your accident, we would have been two carcasses adorning the brown surface of the Earth.”

”Okay, enough with the melancholic water-works. We should thank our stars that we are now together.“

”You always were the practical one.“

”So are we going home in a robotic car, I feel it’s time I enjoyed the multitude of benefits technology has brought into play!”

“No, Roman. That won’t be possible because ……… we are going home in a shuttle!”

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