Talent, Encouragement and Engagement come together for the success of a brand.


With the advent of social media, talent acquisition has become a much easier task to endure. Now CVs are available online, the authenticity of certificates and courses mentioned can be verified in a jiffy, instead of the boring old official paper format, it can be expressively designed.
Also, sites like LinkedIn provide ample opportunities for people to find, jobs suited through their interests, making it a less tedious process.
An example of work done can be exhibited, this acts as a precursor leading to talent being immediately recognized and handled. Also, singers, dancers, chefs, painters, writers, poets have been picked out on social media by established professionals, this has changed their life course as their talent was the sole source of their selection.
Through digital marketing, it has been easier to market one’s talent, services, or themselves, after a bit of hustle, talent speaks for itself, making a pathway through the common, and shining through. For the successful run of companies, especially digital or small-scale ones, it is essential to have an all-rounder team. Where each worker is an expert in their own field. This refers to ideal talent utilization and makes the company a wonder to look up at.


Encouragement in the digital era is about showing solidarity or support. When we are in favor of something, then we can just like, share, or comment. An obviously effortless endeavor, in today’s industrious living.
A lot of artists ask for encouragement in the form of donations, and people opt to be their patrons as this is the way they show support for art not practiced anymore or one that is quite tedious but not high-paying.
In a similar instance, a page that connects with people at an emotional level has a better chance of having a large number of followers or patrons, who stand by it. A battle against a bigger enemy like social problems, or even an initiative to change archaic points of view, requires and always ends up with a lot of encouragement. Inside an organization too, individuals can be encouraged instead of reprimanded. This goes a long way in increasing their productivity.


A post, a video, an article, an ad, are means of engaging the audience. In a sense it is luring the people, by showcasing a glimmer or glance, if the individuals consider it to their liking, they are engaged with not just one post but the entire page. For this, it is essential that false pretenses must not be used to achieve the customer’s attention as this ends fairly soon.
Creative, original, eye-catching content keeps the consumer hooked to the page or site, making it easier for later conversions. The interests and passions of a large mass of netizens have to be taken into account. Of course, it is inevitable that what appeals to one person, may not be for another, but if the content is general and has a wider reach, it has far-reaching capabilities. Engagement plays a pivotal role in converting maybe customers into definite ones. 

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