Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay
Losing you is my biggest nightmare,
But you aren't here in the first place.
People say you are present with the clothes I wear,
But I need you for all the fears I face.
I lose you on the Stage,
I find you in a Crowd.
People say you depend on a person's age,
But I need you to ensure my voice is loud.
In every realm, in every sphere of life, you are a must,
Without you, the dream of a successful future would just rust.
People say that you prefer spontaneity and eye-contact.
But I need you to defeat the demons of my past and that's a fact.
Finding a monster under my bed would cause me physical harm,
But reflecting inside and finding your seat hollow, is the real cause of alarm.
People say that you can be measured through polls,
But I need you to help me acquire my future goals.
I am going to start aiming to win you back,
Cause I know that because of my effort you'll surely comeback.
I am going to tell my inner critic to take a hike,
While I stay with people who are encouraging, supportive and alike.

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