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A world class singer ; A suave covert officer ;
They survive in each other’s world for their love.
But will they be able to live with each other.
That’s for time to tell, and you to find out.
So hop along on this journey – with guns blazing and symphonies playing.
Love’s not always dreamy, it’s not always realistic. But Love definitely is what we all need and hope for in our lives.
Feel the magic, feel the pain.

My Quintessential Beauty will rock your world for sure.

Written by Kiran Ahluwalia, it is bound to be an awe-inspiring tale.

M – Mesmerizing
Y – Yugen (a profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe)
Q – Quixotic (ambitiously idealistic)
U – Unique
I – Interesting
N – Natty (well designed; clever)
T – Tantalising (mockingly or teasingly out of reach)
E – Effervescent (excited, enthusiastic and full of energy)
S – Sanguine (cheerful, hopeful and confident about the future)
S – Sassy (lively, bold and a little feisty)
E – Electric
N – Neoteric (modern)
T – Tempting
I – Iconic
A – Aesthetic
L – Laudable (deserving to be appreciated, praised or admired)
B – Brilliant
E – Exotic
A – Aeipathy (deserving to be appreciated, praised or admired)
U – Unconventional
T – Terrific
Y – Yearn

This is just the first of many to come ! Enter a fantastical world by turning pages of this masterpiece filled with eunoia.

The dialogues are an absolute blast, the situations are fiercely relatable, the characters are so lovable. There are literary techniques used – which have never been used before. Music – Old and New along with a mix of Philosophy, is just heavenly. This book is like a heady concoction – just perfect to curl up with.

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