The image of a brand is how it is recognized. When people recognize the brand by its image, it means that it has become a people’s brand.
Pioneers of the Advertising and Marketing Industry cannot stress the importance of a brand image enough.

Though this image develops over time, it gets stronger and deeper into the mindsets of the consumers.
For Example – BMW is a brand associated with cars, but it started out as a company that sold airplanes.

A combination of beliefs, ideas, experience, and impressions form this persona of the brand in the mind of people. Although for this persona to form, always transactions are not necessary.

Once the brand image is established, it opens up a plethora of opportunities for the company. Such as –
Introducing a new brand/product/service is easier under the parent brand.
Ex – Goodday and Oreo didn’t have to wait for long to become a favorite, due to customers already having faith in Brittania.
The audience is more open as trust has been established.
It is easier to retain and fulfill the wishes of existing customers while simultaneously inviting new ones.

It has been widely debated as to how most of the popular brands have an in-depth analytical decision behind the visual appeal of their brand image.
The color and font used have a psychological effect and aid in getting the required reaction by simulating different senses of the customers.
Example – fast food joints like KFC, Pizza Hut use red as it is the most appetizing color in the spectrum.

Association of emotional value over a commercial transaction is the main aim of brand image. When consumers connect with the brand, they are more likely to habituate themselves to being a regular.
Example – Brands like Bournvita stress on the emotional relationship of a mother and child.

This also gives rise to brand loyalty, which is very necessary for the future of a company.
Example – Once having entered the Apple ecosystem, very rarely do Apple users leave.

It is a way in which the vision and mission are brought forward. What the company believes in is marketed, and consumers with the same beliefs become a part of the formal family. It is in a way an illusion that makes the individual feel like they are an essential part of the brand.
Example – Crocodile is a brand which believes in wildlife protection, and so do most of their patrons.

The brand image even facilitates recognition, uniqueness, and individuality. In all stages of development, it plays an extremely important part. In order for it to stand apart among a myriad of brands, or to be deemed better than its competitor, the brand image plays a very essential role.
Example – Ferrero Rocher because of its unique packaging stands out among the multitude of chocolate brands.

The brand image includes products’ appeal, ease of use, functionality,  and overall value. Certain brands have such strong market value that their image is itself associated with the function.
Example – Dettol for cleaning.

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