Being busy is awesome. But without time management being busy cannot be as efficient.

In this period of lockdown, it is not unusual to slip into a daily schedule of boredom, non-activity, or laziness. But time management has never been more essential than right now. To some people, it has provided a well-deserved break but there is a limit to that feeling of vacation.

Building a Skill Set –

As a matter of fact – an extremely extensive variety of online courses, are being offered on a platter. Harvard university has opened up a plethora of online courses. These are specially curated on intellectual subjects such as religion, computing technology, and political situations. Linkedin Learning has an equally vast range of professional courses which would be a welcome adornment on resumes.

Tasty, delicious food ! Ooo la la ! Time management couldn't give us a better treat. Baking and cooking are interesting hobbies.
Photo by Chan Walrus from Pexels

Useful Hobbies –

Celebrity chefs sharing their top-secret lip-smacking recipes on social media platforms. Along with youtube recommendations being lined up with beginner-friendly sumptuous recipes. Trying to cook or bake has never been easier.

Art workshops are a new rage as alcohol and coffee-infused painting take over the internet. Moreover, every day there is a new webinar being organized on relevant topics. They provide a golden opportunity to converse with professionals from different walks of life. Thus, giving the illusion of being right there in a group meeting and not sitting at home.

Neoteric Technology –

Virtual reality has awed people all over the world. From meandering in the by-lanes of Turkey to shopping to your heart’s content in Milan. From trekking on the Swiss Alps to basking in the sunlit glory of Miami’s beaches. Augmented reality has established itself as magic, really.

Augmented reality has been a great way to manage time in the lockdown. Sitting at home - but with the touch of a button we can roam anywhere in the world.
Photo by fauxels from Pexels

To- do Lists –

Spring cleaning which was a long time due. The cupboard’s orderly arrangement which has remained in the to-do lists. Clearing out the garage – it is now the time to do all these activities and finally stop being guilty.

Using old clothes to make a statement wardrobe. Dusting those board games, and having a go at the DIY products. Similarly, penning down your thoughts, writing a song. Getting back to the hobby a busy schedule made you say goodbye to. All such activities are a great of effectively managing our time.

Time management doesn't involve work only. It can mean to let out the artist in us, and create something extra-ordinary.
Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

Quarantine is the time to shine. As, the clock shows the time, it doesn’t give it back, so utilize every moment. Time management is the key to success.

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