In the chaotic situation of COVID-19, when the overall world economic situation has worsened. Prime minister Narendra Modi has started the Vocal for Local initiative urging people to be vocal about local products to make them global.

Since India’s economic condition along with other countries has taken a hit, this initiative is a way of promoting home brands. By purchasing and using Indian brands, we would be able to boost the economy. It is expected to increase employment opportunities as reducing imports from other countries would give rise to Made In India products.

Foreign brands and products are always held in high esteem but it is the need of the hour to revert to Indian goods. There have been several efforts in the past to strengthen local economies through procurement and consumption, but due to lack of institutional support, these initiatives could not see the light of the day.

One of the biggest advantages of ‘vocal for local’ is that it will provide micro, small and medium enterprises a unique identity. This initiative can revive dead traditions. Thus leading to reclaiming the lost glory of Indian crafts.

Our goods though manufactured locally, have to look, feel, and compete with global goods at an international level. The services we offer will have to be competitive and aligned with the modern world order. Emerging sectors like wearables, organic products, robotics, medicine, etc have a chance to grow exponentially. Warehouses, avenues of 3D printing, have to be automated.

Indigenous products should continue to be produced but Indian producers have to think at a larger than life level in order to keep up with the everchanging technology and global demand.

As consumers, our outlook regarding domestic products has to change, as this change would be the guiding force in taking over industries that would cease to be foreign.

This initiative once implemented in all aspects of work and life would automatically do wonders for India to progress into a developed country.

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