In the midst of tranquil silence and heavenly Calm ,

The world was created full of Charm.

From the comely sky to the mellifluous Birds ,

To the opulent greenery which could be described in no better Words.

From the dulcet streams, to the exquisite Constellations ,

Truly , it was a time full of extravagant Celebrations.

Everything was a wonder to be Appreciated ,

But, alas this destruction was not to be Expected.

Earlier there was an abundance of Values ,

Now there is a dearth of Virtues.

We caused chaos and disrupted the Harmony ,

As always , greed is accompanied by Agony,

We have been initiators of our own Destruction ,

By letting go of values to reach a higher Position .

Merciless killing of trees and Mammals ,

By renouncing angelic Morals .

Women and children suffer inhuman Treatment ,

We should resort to more action than just empty Sentiment.

Jewels like honesty,kindness and Charity ,

Will help us to bring back our Humanity.

This change should come from our Soul ,

To bring the damage under Control.

We should change detrimental Habits ,

To transform evil into merits.

The beacon of hope would be too powerful to ignore ,

As it’s time we demanded less and did more .

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