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I’m lost in the Blue,

While you lie in wait.

My thoughts are filled with you,

Even though the lines aren’t straight.

It’s hard to see you blank.

It’s even harder to see you stained.

You are the one, I want to swank,

Cause this side of me is unrestrained.

I perceive the world in You,

Cause you’re my drug, my Elixir.

The way I express my point of View,

My rapture in the depth of your Texture.

I start with petals, but end up with Thorns,

Choose bright hues but shift to the darker Ones.

Will I be able to do justice to the Seasons,

Choose passion instead of Reason?

You’re impatient to be labelled as a masterpiece,

And here I am pondering over the difficulties.

I know every time I promise,

But it won’t be long before you find Solace.

When you’re at the pinnacle of success,

Feeling your artist’s caress.

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