“Five, Four, Three, Two, One and initiating take off!”With a whoosh the rocket came to life! It took off into the sky and started gaining speed. Soon we emerged into space. Now it was time to direct the rocket towards our destination “Uranus”.

We were a contingent of five, on our way to a planet never explored before. Eskan, me, Diorne, Tesleme and Orsino. Tesleme, was fondly called ‘Tesla’, not only because her name resembled the automobile giant, but also because she was a fan of Tesla cars. Orsino, was teased as Shakespeare’s Duke, but he was only made for space travel.

Due to some reasons, we were all a bit skeptical about our operation. We had planned, that if we did not reach Uranus, we would at least see some other space marvel. I had my heart set on the Spiral Galaxy. Diorne and Eskan, wanted to see Charon (natural satellite of Pluto).

Tesleme took the cake, as she wanted to understand, how it felt to be sucked into a black hole!

Finally, we reached Uranus. It had shades of blue from Midnight to Inky, shadow to Metallic, from Ferozi to Prussian. It was a breathtaking sight. We stepped out, to explore and uncover the mysteries of this planet. The sky was maroon. There was a smell of sulphur, in the air. Eskan, had not put his helmet on properly and he found that he could breath! We were astonished as there was supposed to be no atmosphere.

But, the bolt from the blue came when it started raining diamonds. Diorne, had a penchant for diamonds, and she started looking for a source, and came across a huge octagonal thing, which was orange and shaking.

Orsino, had been trying to pull Diorne away when suddenly there was a blast. Me, Eskan and Tesleme were thrown in different areas. Due to the shock and the injuries, we tried to crawl, to find them both. But, what we found were only parts-in fact smithereens.

We, hurriedly tried to get back and desperately wanted to escape from the morbid planet. The rocket was in outer space and we heaved a sign of relief. But, our happiness was short-lived as Tesleme’s wish came true and we were sucked into a black hole. The rocket, had a direct connection to the base camp, which is how all this was recorded.

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