Stable mental health can be equated to mental peace. When the mind is healthy and calm, exhibiting extreme behaviors like aggression, anger, sadness, etc can be reduced significantly.

Physical Exercise is essential to keep the body fit. But what many people forget is how important it is to keep the brain active too, with age the grey cells of the brain need to be activated regularly otherwise they slip into a comatose state. This can be done by solving puzzles, playing memory games, or playing Soduko.

Yoga, reiki, meditation, and various other relaxation techniques help in channeling negative feelings into positive ones, play a major part in reducing stress levels. A person who is stress-free is obviously less prone to explosive behavioral symptoms.

Spending quality time with friends, family, pets, or more importantly even one’s own self is crucial for healthy living. Being in touch with one’s inner sanctum gives way to creativity and tranquility.

People will always strive to put us down, but giving rise to anger is not the solution. An age-old adage holds true “He who angers you conquers you.”Instead of voicing our rage, it is better advised to write down these feelings on paper, this makes us blow off steam without jeopardizing our future.
Writing has a profound effect on depressive and sad feelings too, as on paper they look as they really are and not how over-exaggerated we make them in our minds.

Learning a new language, instrument, or skill is an interesting way to utilize time, increase self-worth, and keep toxic people and feelings at bay.
Adequate sleep and a balanced proportional diet also help in keeping the mins fresh, minimizing headaches, and laziness. When our body is in a better state, our mind automatically feels better too.

Striving for perfection is always considered a great habit for the workplace or in an academic setting. But it is not advisable for every single task or trivial things. It increases stress and tension, making even everyday tasks to be a huge hurdle to endure.

Reading or Watching television has a large number of advantages. But the main is that they provide respite from a busy lifestyle. It gives the mind a rest as it does not have to perform any task, and can just relax.

Seeking help is one of the major ways of avoiding unfortunate instances. Whether its therapy, groups, or even family, knowing that there is a safety net to fall back on, gives a sense of security.

Multitasking can be minimized and focusing on one crucial task at a time, has proven to significantly help in stabilizing mental health. Also, anything that seems tedious should not be put off but should be tacked as soon as possible. Once it’s out of the way, the mind can relax and focus on the future.

Rehashing the past, and worrying about the future are two hazardous habits that restrict us from living in the moment and taking advantage of present circumstantial opportunities.

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