Oh, not again! This is the fourth time in one week, when it starts raining the moment I walk out the door.” “Stop whining, Hailey.”

Hailey had always hated the rain; she couldn’t stand the splashing rain-drops. She didn’t enjoy the earthly smell of rain. She never made paper-boats to sail in the muddy water, like the street urchins. The only thing which she liked about monsoon was the lip-smacking tea-time snacks her mother whipped up with ginger tea, followed by chocolate muffins.

Her mother however loved the rainy season and enjoyed it to the fullest. She sat glued to the French windows, hearing the peaceful pitter-patter. Sometimes she hummed old classics, other times she worked on her weekly columns while certain evenings were spent reminiscing cherished memories.

Hailey plonked herself next to her mother on the wooden swing, which they had ordered only a week ago from “Urban Ladder”. She knew her mother would lecture her about having a positive attitude towards Mother nature, but little did she know that she was in for a surprise.

“Behold, I send you out dressed as sheep, among the wolves. My uncle was considered crazy, by most of my family members. This was his catch-phrase. He was just twenty-one when he disappeared”.

“Disappeared!” Hailey was shocked, how had she not heard this tale before? Her mother proceeded to tell her the intriguing story. She explained how Uncle Hubert was always in search of treasure. He believed that under a tree with blue and purple flowers, a treasure full of garnets, amethysts and sapphires was hidden.

“Why only these three? “ “He never told us but I assume there is some logic behind it.” “Wait – a – minute! I have seen the tree; it’s in the middle of the groove. Come on, Mom, please .Let’s go and dig, we shall find the treasure.”

“Hailey, don’t be ridiculous, it’s just a story. And there’s a condition, you should only dig when it’s raining. Now , you would never get wet in the rain, or dig the soft mud, so……”

Hailey’s mother smiled inwardly as she knew her daughter’s curiosity was at its peak. Now she would surely go out, feel the small rain-drops, see the lush greenery, and just fall in love with the season.

She would understand that this rain represented new possible beginnings. It would show her that the puddles on the road can be crossed just like the hurdles in life. History would repeat itself today, as thirty years ago. Her mother had played the same trick and now she was playing it on her daughter. Soon they were under the “treasure tree” as Hailey had insisted on bestowing this title. Even though the gem-stones had not been found, Hailey had found “nature’s treasure, “and she intended on enjoying this precious season, till eternity!

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